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  • Pine Marten Project Newsletter Published

    9th June 2016

    Our latest newsletter from the Pine Marten Recovery Project has just been published. Read the latest news on the pine martens relocated to Wales in the autumn of 2015 and find out more about Read More

  • Pine marten kits caught on camera

    7th June 2016

    Whilst we may be a little biased, some remote cameras set up by our Pine Marten Project Field Assistant, Josie Bridges, have captured some amazing pine marten footage. We have had several Read More

  • Pine marten kits born in the wild in Wales

    1st June 2016

    It’s official – pine marten kits have been born in Wales! The pine marten carries the title of Britain’s second rarest carnivore after the wildcat making these births a very significant moment Read More

  • Pine Marten Recovery Project update

    24th May 2016

    The largest carnivore recovery programme of its kind is well underway with the restoration of healthy and self-sustaining pine marten populations in southern Britain. It has been six months since we completed Read More

  • Polecat survey report published

    7th April 2016

      The report on our recent national polecat survey has just been published and can be downloaded here. We are very grateful to everyone who submitted records for the survey. Without you, Read More

  • Polecats in the News

    2nd February 2016

    The VWT’s polecat work has recently hit the headlines. VWT’s Lizzie Croose was interviewed on Winterwatch Unsprung about polecats and other mustelids. The story about the recovery of the polecat was also broadcast Read More

  • Major Funding Awarded by PTES

    2nd February 2016

    The VWT is delighted to confirm that the Pine Marten Recovery Project has just been awarded a further £90,000 by the People’s Trust for Endangered Species, bringing the PTES’s financial support of Read More

  • Our Beacon for Bats end of project report

    16th December 2015

    We have just published the end of project report for the VWT’s Our Beacon for Bats Project. This report presents the achievements and outcomes of the project, which involved local people in Read More

  • November E-newsletter published

    9th November 2015

    This month the VWT celebrates 40 years of wildlife conservation. In this issue there are the latest updates from the Pine Marten Recovery Project and exciting news from our bat projects and reserves. It also Read More

  • Autumnwatch

    2nd November 2015

    The VWT’s Pine Marten Recovery Project is on the BBC’s Autumnwatch. Pine marten project staff Dr Jenny Macpherson and David Bavin talk to Iolo Williams about the project and the progress of the VWT’s Read More