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Species Recovery Programmes > Carnivore Projects

Current projects

National Polecat Survey (2024-2025)

VWT’s National Polecat Survey is appealing to members of the public to record the presence of polecats, and will run from 2024 until the end of 2025.

Martens on the Move

Thanks to funding from The National Lottery, the Martens on the Move project will help ensure the long-term survival of the pine marten.

Archive projects

Pine Marten Recovery Projects

The Pine Marten Recovery Projects aimed to restore self-sustaining populations of pine martens to England and Wales.

Back from the Brink: the pine marten (northern England) species recovery project

The Back from the Brink project has paved the way for the recovery of the pine marten in northern England as the population spreads south from Scotland.

Pine marten distribution survey of Wales

This survey aimed to gather accurate, up-to-date information on pine marten distribution in Wales.

National Polecat Survey

Our National Polecat Survey 2014-2015 gathered up-to-date information on the distribution of the polecat in Britain.

Mammals in a Sustainable Environment (MISE)

Mammals in a Sustainable Environment (MISE) was funded by the European Regional Development Fund under the Ireland Wales Programme 2007-2013 (INTERREG IVA)

People and Pine Martens in Wales (PPMW)

The People and Pine Martens in Wales project addressed aspects of a national stakeholder endorsed strategy to restore the pine marten to England and Wales.
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