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State of Nature 2016: Wales

This report is a companion to the State of Nature 2016 report, which makes an assessment of the fortunes of wildlife across the UK, its Crown Dependencies and Overseas Territories.

This State of Nature 2016: Wales report represents a step forward in our ability to report on Wales’ biodiversity. Since the first report was published back in 2013, we have developed new country-specific metrics of change for all of the UK’s four nations. The new Welsh measures, presented alongside existing national biodiversity indicators and alongside UK metrics, improve our understanding of how Wales’ nature has changed, and the scale of the challenge that faces us.


State of Nature 2016

This report pools data and expertise from more than 50 nature conservation and research organisations to give a cutting edge overview of the state of nature in the UK and in its seas, Crown Dependencies and Overseas Territories.

It presents newly developed measures of change, the latest knowledge on what has driven these changes, and showcase inspiring examples of how we can work together to save nature.

The VWT is one of 53 organisations involved in the State of Nature Report.


Belaod Coed yn cyrraedd Cymru

Mae’r cynllun cyntaf ar raddfa Brydeinig i achub un o’n anifeiliaid cigysol prinnaf wedi cychwyn. Mae belaod coed brodorol o’r Alban yn dechrau ar fywyd newydd yng Nghymru, ac mae rhagor ohonyn nhw ar y ffordd!

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