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Report a sighting

If you have seen a pine marten in Wales or northern England, please fill in the form below. If you have seen a pine marten in the Forest of Dean or wider Gloucestershire/Herefordshire area, please report it to the Gloucestershire Wildlife Trust Pine Marten Project.

If you have a photo(s) or video, please email it to

Our national polecat survey has now finished and we are no longer collecting polecat records. Please submit your polecat record to your local Biological Records Centre.

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    Date of sighting

    Location of sighting

    Location of sighting - further details

    Please be as specific as possible and include the nearest place name with a grid reference if known.

    Description of sighting

    Please describe the animal e.g. size, appearance behaviour, and why you believe it was a pine marten (previous experience, internet research, seen in media or books).

    Please tick to confirm you are 16 years of age or older

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