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news > Fantastic News! First pup born at new bat roost in West Sussex

1st July 2022

The first pup of the year was caught on camera by Scotty Dodd of Sussex Bat Group this weekend at our new greater horseshoe bat roost in West Sussex. Thanks to your support, this roost is still here but we need to do a lot more work to make it a secure space for this pup’s future and for the ongoing survival of this rare species.


The beginnings

Ever since a tiny group of greater horseshoe bats with pups was discovered in West Sussex for the first time in 100 years and 100km east of a known stronghold in Dorset, Vincent Wildlife Trust and Sussex Bat Group have been working hard to raise funds to buy the building and to turn it into a suitable breeding site for this rare species. The Sussex Bat Appeal was launched in September 2021 and, thanks to supporters, donors and a small loan, we have managed to raise the £200K needed to purchase this stable block.

A long way to go…

But now we need to raise another £150K to repair the derelict building so that it is a weatherproof and secure space where, in future, many more greater horseshoe bats can breed in safety and add to this tiny pioneer colony returning to its former range in southeast England.

Please help the future of this rare species by making a donation.

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