Innovative mammal conservation

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New edition of The Bats of Britain and Ireland now available

The Bats of Britain and Ireland This is an excellent little introduction and identification guide to the species of bat found throughout Britain and Ireland. Each species description covers roosts, food and feeding, breeding, status and distribution, and identification. This sixth edition has been updated and is available from

1st May 2020

Ten-Year Strategy launched

We’re excited to launch our 2020-2030 strategy as we look to the next ten years of conserving threatened mammals using scientifically sound research. We continue to be a catalyst for innovative conservation as we work with new species, new partnerships and new areas. Download and read the strategy here.   Cover photo: ©Helen Haden

3rd December 2019

2019 newsletter published

VWT’s latest newsletter has been published! This issue of our newsletter includes our latest work on horseshoe and Mediterranean long-eared bats, new partnership projects on wildcats and European mink, an update on pine marten work in Wales, Ireland and the Forest of Dean, and updates from our PhD students and trustees. Read the newsletter here. Read More

28th November 2019

Vincent Wildlife Trust’s Annual Report for 2018 has been published

Vincent Wildlife Trust has just published its Annual Report for 2018. The report gives an overview of the past year’s highlights, its projects, its partners and its audited financial statements.   Cover and banner photos: ©James A. Moore

15th July 2019

Two VWT PhDs submitted

Congratulations to two of VWT’s PhD students – Cat McNicol and Katie Sainsbury – who have recently submitted their PhD theses at the University of Exeter! Cat’s PhD investigated the impacts of pine marten recovery on grey squirrel populations in Wales, in collaboration with VWT and Forest Research. Katie’s PhD researched the risks to the Read More

15th July 2019

Vincent Wildlife Trust and Durrell Wildlife Conservation Trust working together

We are delighted to announce a new partnership between Vincent Wildlife Trust and Durrell Wildlife Conservation Trust to help recover nature in the UK. Both organisations base their conservation work on scientific research and have complementary skills, along with experience of working both at national and international scales. Durrell has a wealth of expertise in Read More

4th June 2019

Volunteers needed for new survey of pine martens in Wales

The pine marten has returned to the woodlands of mid-Wales, thanks to the Vincent Wildlife Trust’s (VWT) pioneering project to restore this native mammal to a region in which it once thrived. Between 2015 and 2017, more than 50 martens were brought from Scotland to the woodlands of mid-Wales where they were on the brink Read More

30th April 2019

Pine martens in Wales to benefit from Postcode Lottery funding

Through its Pine Marten Recovery Project, Vincent Wildlife Trust has restored the native pine marten to mid-Wales. Over a period of three years, more than 50 martens were brought from Scotland, where they are thriving, to mid-Wales where they were on the brink of extinction. Now, with £20,000 funding from Postcode Local Trust, a grant Read More

4th March 2019

Mammalian carnivores stage a comeback in Britain

A new paper assessing the changing fortunes of Britain’s native mammalian carnivores has been published in the journal Mammal Review, led by VWT PhD student Katie Sainsbury. Katie is completing her PhD focusing on polecat recovery at the University of Exeter, with VWT and the Centre for Ecology and Hydrology (CEH). For the study, Katie Read More

25th February 2019

New paper published on a method to monitor weasels and stoats

For the last year, we’ve been attempting to get to grips with how to monitor weasels and stoats. Although both species are considered to be widespread and common in Britain, little is known about their abundance and population trends outside of game estates, and there is currently no reliable, cost-effective method to monitor live weasels Read More

21st February 2019
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