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Pine marten

A guide to identifying evidence of pine martens – updated

This recently updated guide gives an overview of the pine marten and shows how to identify pine marten field signs. This leaflet also provides information on the pine marten projects in England and Wales and ways of getting involved.


Sainsbury, K. et al. (2019). Recent history, current status, conservation and management of native mammalian carnivore species in Great Britain

This paper compares and contrasts the recent history and population status of
Britain’s native mammalian carnivore species from the 1960s to 2017.


People and Pine Martens in Wales Public Opinion Survey

This report summarises the findings of a public opinion survey which aimed to establish a base level of awareness of pine martens and gather information on opinions on pine marten recovery in Wales.


Bringing the Pine Marten back from the brink

The Back from the Brink project will pave the way for the recovery of the pine marten in northern England as the population spreads south from Scotland.


PMRP Newsletter June 2017

Welcome to the Pine Marten Recovery Project Newsletter 2017. Here you can read the latest news from the project, including the survival and territorial establishment of the pine martens recently translocated to Wales and their breeding success to date. You can also find out more about our on-going pine marten work in other parts of the UK and in Ireland.


The Pine Marten in Ireland

VWT’s Ruth Hanniffy reports on the latest research into this conservation success story in the Irish Wildlife Trust’s ‘Irish Wildlife’ Magazine.


Welsh rare kits

VWT’s David Bavin is part of a team that is bringing pine martens back to Wales and is amazed by how the animals have taken to their new home. David reports on the pine marten’s return to Wales in BBC Wildlife Magazine’s October issue.


A native enigma: the pine marten

VWT in Ireland’s Ruth Hanniffy reports on new research on the pine marten in the Native Woodland Trust’s ‘Woodland’ Magazine.


Back from the brink: pine martens in Wales

In the ancient wildwoods that once blanketed much of Britain, the pine marten was one of our most common carnivores, but today the story is rather different. Written by VWT’s Pine Marten Recovery Project Officer, Jenny MacPherson, for the Woodland Trust’s Magazine ‘WoodWise’.


Croose, E. et al. (2016). Den boxes as a tool for pine marten conservation and population monitoring

This paper presents the results on the provision and occupancy of pine marten den boxes in Galloway Forest, Scotland. 50 den boxes were installed in order to increase the availability and diversity of suitable den sites for breeding female martens and aid monitoring of the marten population. A proportion of the boxes was occupied by martens every year and the boxes were used by breeding females to raise their young.

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