Innovative mammal conservation

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Croose, E. (2016) The Distribution and Status of the Polecat (Mustela putorius) in Britain 2014-2015

Polecat distribution surveys at ten-year intervals have been recommended in order to monitor changes in polecat distribution. The aim of this survey was to gather up-to-date information on the distribution of polecats and polecat-ferrets during the period 2014-2015.

Banner photo ©Nikki Charlton


The Vincent Wildlife Trust Ireland Review 2015

This review is devoted to the Trust’s work in Ireland and outlines our achievements in 2015. It also gives a brief financial synopsis and summarises our future plans.


Pilot pine marten reinforcement in Wales: Mitigation Plan

This Pine Marten Recovery Project Mitigation Plan has been prepared by The Vincent Wildlife Trust (VWT) as part of its project to restore self-sustaining populations of pine martens to England and Wales. The purpose of the Mitigation Plan is to provide information about the relationship between pine martens and people.


Behaviour in Focus – Polecat

VWT’s Mustelid Conservation Officer, Lizzie Croose, gives an expert briefing on the polecat for BBC Wildlife Magazine.


Our Beacon for Bats end of project report

This report presents the achievements and outcomes of the Trust’s Our Beacon for Bats project, which involved local people in the conservation of lesser horseshoe bats in the Usk Valley in south Wales.


VWT E-newsletter November 2015

This month the VWT celebrates 40 years of wildlife conservation. In this issue there are the latest updates from the Pine Marten Recovery Project and exciting news from our bat projects and reserves. It also includes details from our National Polecat Survey and study tours to Poland, Luxembourg and Germany.


Belaod Coed yn cyrraedd Cymru

Mae’r cynllun cyntaf ar raddfa Brydeinig i achub un o’n anifeiliaid cigysol prinnaf wedi cychwyn. Mae belaod coed brodorol o’r Alban yn dechrau ar fywyd newydd yng Nghymru, ac mae rhagor ohonyn nhw ar y ffordd!


Annual Report & Financial Statements 2014

This report outlines our achievements in 2014, explains our governance arrangements and outlines our future plans. The VWT’s audited financial statements for 2014 provide financial details of our work during the year and how it was funded.


The Vincent Wildlife Trust’s Irish bat box schemes report

This report presents an analysis of The Vincent Wildlife Trust’s Irish bat box project and results of an online survey and was possible due to a grant from the Department of Arts, Heritage and the Gaeltacht.


Managing forest and woodlands for pine martens

Practical measures to protect and benefit the pine marten. This leaflet aims to provide guidance on how to assess and minimise potential impacts of forest operations on the pine marten and recommend a set of measures to benefit martens that can be use d by forest managers and owners.

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