Innovative mammal conservation

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Annual Review 2016

This summary version of our Annual Report outlines the achievements of the Trust in 2016. It covers our work on mustelids, bats and other species and includes a financial synopsis.


Annual Report & Financial Statements 2016

This report outlines our achievements in 2016, explains our governance arrangements and outlines our future plans. The VWT’s audited financial statements for 2016 provide financial details of our work during the year and how it was funded.


PMRP Newsletter June 2017

Welcome to the Pine Marten Recovery Project Newsletter 2017. Here you can read the latest news from the project, including the survival and territorial establishment of the pine martens recently translocated to Wales and their breeding success to date. You can also find out more about our on-going pine marten work in other parts of the UK and in Ireland.


The Vincent Wildlife Trust

This leaflet gives an overview of the work of The Vincent Wildlife Trust (VWT). The VWT’s work currently centres on the rarer bats and members of the weasel family (mustelids). The Trust is expert in a number of species of concern, notably the two horseshoe bats and the pine marten.


The Lesser Horseshoe ‘Cool Tower’

Lesser horseshoe bats require a range of micro-environments in a roost, including an area where they can go into torpor in times of inclement weather, poor insect availability or as their body condition, age or sex dictates. ‘Cool towers’ may also be used in times when the temperature inside the roost is too hot.


Annual Review 2015

This summary version of our Annual Report outlines the achievements of the Trust in its 40th year. It covers our work on mustelids, bats and other species as well as including a financial synopsis.


The Pine Marten in Ireland

VWT’s Ruth Hanniffy reports on the latest research into this conservation success story in the Irish Wildlife Trust’s ‘Irish Wildlife’ Magazine.


VWT E-newsletter November 2016

2016 has been another busy and exciting year for the VWT. This issue of our newsletter includes highlights from the second phase of pine marten translocations and the 2nd All-Ireland Pine Marten Symposium. We also hear from the staff and volunteers working at our bat reserves and receive updates from our PhD students on their work with grey squirrels, polecats, Bechstein’s bats and greater horseshoe bats.


Welsh rare kits

VWT’s David Bavin is part of a team that is bringing pine martens back to Wales and is amazed by how the animals have taken to their new home. David reports on the pine marten’s return to Wales in BBC Wildlife Magazine’s October issue.


State of Nature 2016: Wales

This report is a companion to the State of Nature 2016 report, which makes an assessment of the fortunes of wildlife across the UK, its Crown Dependencies and Overseas Territories.

This State of Nature 2016: Wales report represents a step forward in our ability to report on Wales’ biodiversity. Since the first report was published back in 2013, we have developed new country-specific metrics of change for all of the UK’s four nations. The new Welsh measures, presented alongside existing national biodiversity indicators and alongside UK metrics, improve our understanding of how Wales’ nature has changed, and the scale of the challenge that faces us.

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