Innovative mammal conservation

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VWT Ten Year Strategy 2020-2030

Our 2020-2030 strategy sets out the next ten years of conserving threatened mammals using scientifically sound research. We continue to be a catalyst for innovative conservation as we work with new species, new partnerships and new areas.


VWT Newsletter 2019

This issue of our newsletter includes new partnership projects on wildcats and European mink, an update on our pine marten work in Wales, Ireland and the Forest of Dean, our latest work on horseshoe and Mediterranean long-eared bats, and updates from our PhD students and trustees.


Wright, P.G.R. et al. (2018). Application of a novel molecular method to age free-living wild Bechstein’s bats

This paper presents a DNA methylation method to assess ages of bats.


Sainsbury, K. et al. (2018). Long-term increase in secondary exposure to anticoagulant rodenticides in European polecats Mustela putorius in Great Britain

This paper presents the results of analyses of polecat livers collected from road casualties for residues of second-generation anticoagulant rodenticides.


Annual Report and Financial Statements 2018

Vincent Wildlife Trust has just published its Annual Report for 2018. The report gives an overview of the past year’s highlights, its projects, its partners and its audited financial statements.


People and Pine Martens in Wales Public Opinion Survey

This report summarises the findings of a public opinion survey which aimed to establish a base level of awareness of pine martens and gather information on opinions on pine marten recovery in Wales.


VWT Newsletter December 2018

This issue of our newsletter includes the launch of a new website for pine martens in Ireland, the latest updates on our pine marten work in Wales and northern England, ringing Barbastelles, results from this year’s research on weasels and stoats, updates from conferences on bats, martens and squirrels, forays into European mink conservation and an introduction to four new staff.


Annual Report & Financial Statements 2017

This report outlines our achievements in 2017, explains our governance arrangements and outlines our future plans. The VWT’s audited financial statements for 2016 provide financial details of our work during the year and how it was funded.


Bringing the pine marten back from the brink

The Back from the Brink project paved the way for the recovery of the pine marten in northern England as the population spreads south from Scotland.


VWT E-newsletter December 2017

This issue of our newsletter includes highlights from the first ever Autumn Swarming Bat Conference and the final phase of pine marten translocations to mid Wales. We also hear from the staff working across the UK & in Ireland and receive updates from our PhD students on their work with grey squirrels, polecats, Bechstein’s bats and greater horseshoe bats.

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