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Pine marten

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Living with Pine Martens

A guide to the pine marten in Scotland, including information on predation of poultry and game birds, denning in buildings and steps to take to exclude a non-breeding pine marten from a house. It also provides advice on how to prevent pine marten’s taking up residence in your property. This leaflet was produced in collaboration with and funded by Scottish Natural Heritage.


Asesiad Dichonoldeb ar gyfer Atgyfnerthu Niferoedd Bele’r Coed yn Lloegr a Chymru (Crynodeb)

Gallai trawsleoliad llwyddiannus o felaod coed i gynefinoedd addas lle roeddent unwaith yn bodoli – un ai’n hanesyddol neu’n fwy diweddar – fod yn gam sylweddol ymlaen o ran gwella statws cadwraethol ac amrywiaeth genetegol y rhywogaeth hon yn Lloegr a Chymru. Mae’r adroddiad hwn yn cynnig asesiad cychwynnol o ddichonoldeb ymgymryd â gwaith trawsleoli i atgyfnerthu poblogaethau sydd eisoes yn bodoli ac sydd wedi methu adfer yn naturiol.


Feasibility Assessment for Reinforcing Pine Marten Numbers in England and Wales (Executive Summary)

Successful translocations of pine marten to recently and historically occupied suitable habitat could be a major proactive step towards improving the conservation status and genetic diversity of pine marten in England and Wales. The full report provides an initial assessment of the feasibility of undertaking translocations to reinforce existing populations that have failed to recover naturally.


Forestry trends in Wales, in relation to potential pine marten recovery

One of the major factors thought to underpin the decline of the pine marten population in Wales is the loss of woodland and fragmentation of habitat. In order to successfully re-establish the population it is vital to understand the current and future trends in woodland cover and composition.


The Pine Marten

An introduction to the pine marten. Including an overview of its history and current status in Britain, ecology and behaviour, pine martens and the law, and The Vincent Wildlife Trust’s work with the species.


Croose, E. et al. (2014). Distribution of the pine marten in southern Scotland in 2013

This report follows on from a pine marten Expansion Zone Survey conducted in 2012 (Croose et al., 2013), which provided information on current patterns of pine marten distribution in Scotland following population recovery and range expansion since the 20th century.


How to exclude pine martens from game and poultry pens (Ireland)

This leaflet provides information on practical steps you can take to protect game and domestic fowl from pine martens. Details are provided on preventative methods such as line wire and overhang electric fencing and pop holes. Guidance is also given on making hen houses marten-proof.


A guide to identifying the small mustelids of Britain and Ireland

The small mustelids are characterised by their long thin body shape, which enables them to follow their prey down small tunnels and burrows. However, because of their similar body shape they can be difficult to distinguish from each other. This guide helps with the identification of the mustelid family.


Quick-start guide to the identification of small mustelids

This ‘quick-start’ guide shows the distinguishing features of members of the small mustelid family in Britain and Ireland, which includes the otter, pine marten, polecat, polecat-ferret, mink, stoat and weasel. It also shows common small mustelid tracks and signs.


Croose, E., Birks, J.D.S. & Schofield, H.W. (2013). Expansion zone survey of pine marten distribution in Scotland

This report arises from a partnership project involving The Vincent Wildlife Trust and Scottish Natural Heritage. The aim of this field-based survey was to gather new information on the changing distribution of the pine marten in 2012.Given the anecdotal evidence of the species’ continuing re-colonisation of Scotland following its historical decline, this survey concentrated upon an ‘Expansion Zone’ beyond the pine marten’s known range revealed by surveys in the 1980s (Velander 1983) and 1990s (Balharry et al. 1996).

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