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Pine marten

Pine marten kits born in the wild in Wales

It’s official – pine marten kits have been born in Wales. The pine marten carries the title of Britain’s second rarest carnivore after the wildcat, making these births a very significant moment in the conservation of this native mammal. Written for The Mammals Society’s ‘Mammal News’.


PMRP Newsletter June 2016

Welcome to the latest Pine Marten Recovery Project Newsletter. Here you can read the latest news on the pine martens relocated to Wales in the autumn of 2015 and find out more about our on-going pine marten work both in the UK and in Ireland.


Cenawon bele’r coed yn cael eu geni yn y gwyllt yng Nghymru

Mae’r newyddion wedi cael eu cyhoeddi’n swyddogol – gannwyd cenawon bele’r coed yng Nghymru. Adnabyddir y bele fel ail anifail cigysol prinnaf Prydain, ar ôl y gath wyllt, sy’n golygu fod y genedigaethau hyn yn nodi carreg filltir bwysig yng ngwaith cadwraeth y mamal brodorol hwn.


Pine Marten Recovery Project Leaflet (Bilingual)

The Vincent Wildlife Trust (VWT), with its 30-year history of pine marten research, is currently boosting Wales’ struggling marten population. Following an extensive feasibility study and consultation with local landowners and communities, 20 pine martens were caught in Scotland and released into an area of mid-Wales in autumn 2015.


Mammals in the Mist

PhD student Catherine McNicol spends her field seasons in the Welsh rain, trying to understand the relationship between two of the UK’s mammals, one of which does not belong here.


Pilot pine marten reinforcement in Wales: Mitigation Plan

This Pine Marten Recovery Project Mitigation Plan has been prepared by The Vincent Wildlife Trust (VWT) as part of its project to restore self-sustaining populations of pine martens to England and Wales. The purpose of the Mitigation Plan is to provide information about the relationship between pine martens and people.


Belaod Coed yn cyrraedd Cymru

Mae’r cynllun cyntaf ar raddfa Brydeinig i achub un o’n anifeiliaid cigysol prinnaf wedi cychwyn. Mae belaod coed brodorol o’r Alban yn dechrau ar fywyd newydd yng Nghymru, ac mae rhagor ohonyn nhw ar y ffordd!


Managing forest and woodlands for pine martens

Practical measures to protect and benefit the pine marten. This leaflet aims to provide guidance on how to assess and minimise potential impacts of forest operations on the pine marten and recommend a set of measures to benefit martens that can be use d by forest managers and owners.


PMRP E-newsletter February 2015

The second in the Pine Marten Recovery Project newsletter series. This issue provides an update from our Pine Marten Project Manager, Jenny MacPherson, and Pine Marten Project Officer, David Bavin. Also included is news on a pine marten study tour to the Netherlands, and an insight into VWT pine marten work taking place in Ireland.


Advice note: Release of pine martens into the wild in Britain

The pine marten is a medium-sized, arboreal member of the mustelid (stoat and weasel) family. Pine martens were historically widespread throughout Britain but by 1915 the combined effects of woodland clearance and intensive predator control had resulted in extinction in all but the most remote upland areas of northwest Scotland, northern England and Wales.

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