Innovative mammal conservation

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Organisational Publications

Annual Report and Financial Statements 2013

This report outlines our achievements in 2013, explains our governance arrangements and outlines our future plans. The VWT’s audited financial statements for 2013 provide financial details of our work during the year and how it was funded.


VWT E-newsletter May 2014

This issue reflects on the recent death of our friend, founder and primary benefactor, The Honourable Vincent Weir. It also includes details on the launch of a new project, the Pine Marten Recovery Project, and new National Polecat Survey. VWT also collaborates with the Mammal Ecology Group at NUIG on the Irish stoat project.


Annual Report Summary 2012

This summary version of our Annual Report outlines our achievements in 2012. It also gives a financial synopsis and summarises our future plans. If you would like to read the VWT’s audited financial statements for 2012 they are presented in our full VWT ‘Annual Report and Financial Statements’.


Annual Report and Financial Statements 2012

This report outlines The Vincent Wildlife Trust’s achievements in 2012, explains our governance arrangements and outlines our future plans. The VWT’s audited financial statements for 2012 provide financial details of our work during the year and how it was funded.


VWT E-newsletter October 2013

This issue gives an overview of our work on mustelids, in Scotland, Wales and Ireland, with a particular focus on the pine marten. Our bat work continues with the Impacts of Street Lighting on Biodiversity project, Our Beacon for Bats project, a study tour to Belgium, and our new bat roost webcam.


Our Mammal Conservation Strategy in Britain and Ireland

Our native mammals, alongside all of our native wildlife, are struggling to cope with a range of threats, but often we are able to make a real difference – both species of horseshoe bat are doing well, and the discovery of the pine marten body in Wales in 2012 gives us great hope for the future.


VWT E-newsletter November 2012

This issue reports on the finding of the first pine marten body discovered in Wales since the 1970s. Also included is a introduction to our new project ‘People and Pine Martens in Wales’, the report from the Pine Marten Expansion Zone Survey of Scotland, and our new PhD bat study on the ecological impacts of artificial lighting on biodiversity.


VWT E-newsletter March 2012

An update on the Trust’s work, including reports from our key projects and reserves. We also take a look at one of our key partners, Waterford Institute of Technology, and the continued pine marten work taking place in Nietoperek, Poland.

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