Innovative mammal conservation

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The Water Vole in Britain, 1989-1990: Its Distribution and Changing Status

The British water vole population declined throughout the 20th century due to habitat destruction and intensification of agriculture. This is the first of two national surveys carried out by Vincent Wildlife Trust that showed this decline had developed into a population ‘crash’.

This publication is now out of print. Please contact us if you have a specific enquiry about this book

Otter Survey of Wales 1984-1985

The Otter Survey of Wales 1984-1985 took place from the beginning of May 1984 to the middle of March 1985. A total of 1097 full survey sites were examined, and signs of otters were found at 421 (38%) of these. In addition, 742 spot checks were also done, 180 of which were positive.

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