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10th January 2022

DEADLINE REACHED – we are no longer accepting applications for this post.

Vincent Wildlife Trust’s Bat Programme Manager role offers an exciting opportunity to head a specialist team delivering real conservation benefit for bat species across Britain, Ireland and mainland Europe.

You would step into a role leading a landscape-scale National Lottery Heritage Funded project on barbastelle in southwest Wales, overseeing bat reserves that hold 50% of Britain’s population of greater horseshoe bats, collaborating with our university partners on ground-breaking PhD projects and developing concrete conservation interventions for rare continental bat species. We would want you to drive this programme forward, developing new projects and conservation research initiatives, inspiring our staff and VWT’s growing army of volunteer citizen scientists.

We promote cross-cutting themes in our work and you would be collaborating closely with your colleagues in Britain and Ireland, developing innovative monitoring schemes, working on population restoration projects and addressing conflict management issues across the mammals on which we work. We excel in finding novel conservation solutions to problems and delivering those solutions in the real world. Our work has a measurable impact from the recovery of horseshoe bat populations to the restoration of the pine marten in Wales.

We are seeking someone who is creative and can think outside the box. You will need to have a passion for mammal conservation, proven management capabilities and experience of leading successful conservation projects.

The Trust offers a quality employment package, the chance for Continued Professional Development, the learning of new skills and experiences and the opportunity to work abroad.

Download the Job Ad, the  Job Pack and the Application Form

Closing date for applications: 17:00 Friday 4 February 2022

Photo: ©Andrew McCarthy

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