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20th January 2023

Vincent Wildlife Trust, Sussex Bat Group and others are working hard to safeguard the rare greater horseshoe bat by purchasing and restoring a roost site in Sussex where a pioneering group of greater horseshoes with young pups were discovered in a derelict stable block – the first record for at least 100 years of breeding by this rare species outside of its stronghold in parts of Wales and the southwest of England.

It brings hope for the return of this species to its former range across the south of the country.

Working with Sussex Bat Group, and thanks to the generosity of our wonderful donors and supporters, we were able to raise the £200K needed to purchase this vital new greater horseshoe bat roost in West Sussex.

The original derelict stable block. Photo: ©Martyn Phillis


But while we had secured the purchase of the building by the deadline of February 2022, it was literally falling apart and so we urgently needed to raise another £200k in time to complete the restoration work before the next breeding season in spring 2023.

Thank you to our generous supporters

Once again, our supporters and donors have been hugely generous, and we are nearly there with the last chunk of funding…but we still need to raise £98k to complete the restoration and to turn a derelict building into a safe haven to suit the year-round needs of the greater horseshoe bats.

It may seem another huge amount to raise, but every donation really does count.

Will you please help us to make this roost safe for the future of this rare species? 

You can donate online at or

Thank you

Vincent Wildlife Trust

For more than 45 years, Vincent Wildlife Trust (VWT) has been at the forefront of wildlife conservation in Britain, Ireland and, increasingly, targeted areas in mainland Europe.

The Trust focuses on mammals under threat, including rare bat species. VWT’s roost sites hold more than 50% of Britain’s greater horseshoe bat population.

Sussex Bat Group

Sussex Bat Group (SBG) was formed in 1984 and is affiliated to the Bat Conservation Trust. Its members are dedicated to the conservation of the bats of Sussex and to increasing general awareness of bat conservation.

For many years, SBG has been monitoring the presence of small numbers of greater horseshoe bats in Sussex, primarily in hibernation sites, and it was SBG members who recently discovered this highly significant pioneering breeding colony.

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