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4th April 2023

From this…

Photo: ©Julia Bracewell

to this…

Photo: ©Tom Kitching

Vincent Wildlife Trust, Sussex Bat Group and others are working hard to safeguard the rare greater horseshoe bat by purchasing and restoring a roost site in Sussex where a pioneering group of greater horseshoes with young pups were discovered in a derelict stable block — the first record for at least 100 years of breeding by this rare species outside of its stronghold in parts of Wales and the southwest of England.

It brings hope for the return of this species to its former range across the south of the country.

Working with Sussex Bat Group, and thanks to the generosity of our wonderful donors and supporters, we were able to raise the £200K needed to purchase this vital new greater horseshoe bat roost in West Sussex.

Latest news…

And now, thanks to your generous donations, and the expertise of Jaime Relf and the iBuild Construction Team, the first-stage crucial work has been completed, the final slate has been fixed in place and the once derelict stable block is now weatherproof and secure, ready for the return of the greater horseshoe bats.

Roosting greater horseshoe bats with pups: ©Martyn Phillis


Future plans

Once the breeding bats leave the building next autumn for their winter roosts, we will be carrying out further enhancements to the building in order to make it the best roost possible for the needs of greater horseshoe bats and to future proof it against the impacts of climate change.

And so we will continue to raise funds so that we can begin this future-proofing work as soon as the bats have left the building.

Can you help us to raise the funds to make this roost safe for the future of greater horseshoe bats in southeast England?


The official Sussex Bat Appeal has now closed but you can still donate through Sussex Bat Group’s Just Giving page to support the creation of the Tony Hutson Hide to commemorate one of Sussex Bat Group’s founders and instigators of the Sussex Bat Appeal — and to continue to support the recovery of the greater horseshoe bat in southeast England.

Thank you for being part of the recovery of greater horseshoe bats in southeast England.


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