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Back to the Highlands

Having spent a couple of months in the Highlands last autumn while we trapped pine martens for translocation to Wales, subsequently followed by a couple of months in the office (recuperating?!), it was great to head back to the Highlands in early March. We were greeted with some glorious spring-like weather, stunning snow-topped mountains and, Read More

21st March 2016

The Lady in the Van

So there I was, driving down the M6 in a van with four pine martens and a PhD student called Patrick. It’s not often you get a chance to do something as bizarre and exciting as this, and I was thrilled (and slightly nervous) to be invited along as a co-driver during one of the Read More

10th February 2016

Pine Marten Recovery Project January Update

Since the last blog update the recovery project has really progressed. Not only have all 20 of this year’s pine martens made it safely to their new home in Wales, they have also begun to establish their own territories. If you have been keeping an eye on our Facebook page then you will have seen Read More

6th January 2016

Pine Marten Recovery Project November Update

The past two months have been exhausting but hugely rewarding for all of us on the project team, as the first pine martens were successfully trapped, translocated and released in Wales. Trapping began in early September and this has gone extremely well. We are taking a small number of martens from each of several sites Read More

3rd November 2015

Pine Marten Recovery Project August Update

July and August have flown by in a flash and have been a whirlwind of planning, preparation and progress! Almost two years of preparatory work has come to fruition and we are now putting the final pieces into place, ready to catch the first pine martens in Scotland to translocate to mid Wales. One of Read More

2nd September 2015

Pine Marten Recovery Project June Update

June was a breakthrough month for the Pine Marten Recovery Project. We have always been committed to being as open and transparent with our plans as possible, and have sought to involve and inform the communities in our proposed release areas from the very beginning, so as to avoid any perception of surprise or exclusion. Read More

13th July 2015

Pine Marten Recovery Project April Update

Welcome to the PMRP blog for April! There were two major milestones in the project this month. Firstly, I finished up the woodland surveys for our year one release sites, and secondly, we undertook community meetings in the communities surrounding those sites. Woodland work: I finished up the woodland surveys, with my final plots in Read More

15th May 2015

Our work at Nietoperek, Poland

Prior to World War Two, Germany constructed an extensive system of defences along its then eastern border with Poland. Part of these fortifications consisted of heavily armoured bunkers connected and supplied by 32 kilometres of passages and railway tunnels 20 to 50m below ground. A series of subterranean railway stations, storage chambers and rooms to Read More

20th March 2012

Our Greater Horseshoe Bat

It’s that time of year, between early and late spring when greater horseshoe bats begin to wake more frequently from their winter slumber. Soon they’ll be moving off into transition roosts: this type of roost is usually a building positioned somewhere between their winter and summer quarters. However, these roosts are not usually far from Read More

11th May 2015

Pine Marten Recovery Project March Update

Most of our blogs have focused on our work in Wales as we prepare the ground at the release sites for our pine marten reinforcement. This month’s blog focuses on the other end of our work, in Scotland. In early March, we headed north to the Scottish Highlands armed with maps, sample bags and waterproofs, Read More

26th March 2015
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