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  • BftB news

    The VWT has captured what is thought to be the first ever video footage of a pine marten in Northumberland. Read More

  • CEO Appointment

    We are pleased to announce the appointment of Dr Lucy Rogers as CEO of The Vincent Wildlife Trust. Read More

  • New Trustees

    We would like to welcome two new trustees to the VWT, Dr Liam Lysaght and Professor Robbie McDonald. Read More


Our Blog

  • Lambing in Wales

    VWT's David Bavin and Kate McAney help out with lambing on Huw and Ann Tudor's lowland farm near Llanilar. Read More

  • Volunteer blog

    What is it really like tracking one of the most charismatic and elusive mammals in Wales? Read More

  • European polecat

    Polecats are currently faring well in Britain, but can the same be said for polecats in the rest of Europe? Read More


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