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The barbastelle (Barbastella barbastellus) is a predominantly tree-dwelling species associated with woodland with a high proportion of standing dead wood or storm damaged trees. 


The barbastelle has a broadly southern distribution in Britain, with the most northerly records being from Lincolnshire. This wide distribution belies its status as a rare bat species, as colonies are sparsely distributed in the landscape and absent from many areas of the country.


Our work

Vincent Wildlife Trust (VWT) has undertaken studies into the distribution of this species and its roosting preferences. The Trust is working to conserve the barbastelle by:

  • giving advice to woodland managers on conservation measures to protect and promote these animals;
  • training voluntary bat workers to survey for this species using bat detectors;
  • conducting a ringing programme to gather data on longevity and population structure;
  • collaborating with The University of Sussex and supporting a PhD student to investigate the distribution of barbastelle maternity colonies and how this relates to the wider landscape.


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Banner photograph: Barbastelle © Johnny Birks