Pine marten distribution survey of Wales

Vincent Wildlife Trust has launched a new survey to track the spread of pine martens in Wales.


Between 2015 and 2017, the Trust carried out a pine marten population reinforcement in Wales, whereby 51 pine martens were translocated to mid-Wales from Scotland, resulting in the re-establishment of a viable marten population.

As the population increases in number and range, there is a need for accurate, up-to-date information on pine marten distribution in Wales. This will act as a baseline on which to base future surveys and monitor future population changes and give us a better understanding of the rate of range expansion and population growth of translocated populations.

Data on pine marten distribution will be collected via scat surveys, with scats verified by DNA analysis, and also sightings and camera trap records from members of the public.

A pine marten, translocated from Scotland to mid-Wales, in a pre-release pen © Nick Upton/


Volunteers needed

Volunteers can get involved in surveying transects for scats in the hectads (10 x 10km grid squares) shown on the map below. All necessary equipment and instruction will be provided and no experience is necessary. If you are interested in volunteering, please contact with the grid square(s) that you’re interested in surveying and more detailed information will be provided.

If you see a pine marten in Wales or the Marches (Herefordshire/Shropshire) or record one via camera trap, please report your sighting to us to here. If you have a photo or video to send us, please email


Hectads (10 x 10km grid squares), labelled by the 10km Ordnance Survey reference, to be targeted for the survey. Squares shaded out in grey have already been allocated to a surveyor.