Innovative mammal conservation

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Innovative Mammal Conservation

For more than 40 years, Vincent Wildlife Trust (VWT) has led the way in supporting the recovery of mammal species such as otter, water vole, horseshoe bats and, more recently, pine marten. VWT is respected internationally as a leader in developing and implementing innovative approaches that halt and reverse declines in threatened mammal species.

Our VISION is that Vincent Wildlife Trust is a catalyst for mammal conservation.

Our MISSION is to conserve threatened mammals by leading the way with evidence-led conservation work.

Our 2020-2030 strategy sets out the next ten years of conserving threatened mammals using scientifically sound research. We continue to be a catalyst for innovative conservation as we work with new species, new partnerships and new areas.

Read our Ten Year Strategy to find out what we aim to achieve and how we aim to deliver our strategy by 2030.

Conservation Evidence
Vincent Wildlife Trust has an evidence-based approach to all of its conservation work and is an ‘Evidence Champion’ with Conservation Evidence, which is based at the University of Cambridge.

We have published the following papers with Conservation Evidence:

Croose, E. & Carter, S.P. (2019). A pilot study of a novel method to monitor weasels (Mustela nivalis) and stoats (M. erminea) in Britain

Croose, E. et al. (2016). Den boxes as a tool for pine marten conservation and population monitoring

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