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The wonderful wildlife of Oz

Towards the end of 2023 I was fortunate to have the opportunity to represent VWT at an international conference in Western Australia. As part of my role at VWT, I oversee all our work on conservation translocations and reintroductions. Notably, in recent years, this has included returning pine martens to Wales, as well as research Read More

30th January 2024

My first four months as Carnivore Conservation Officer with VWT

Katherine Morley, Carnivore Conservation Officer, shares an account of her first four months with Vincent Wildlife Trust. Why did you want to work for VWT? At a time where almost one in six species in Britain is threatened with extinction, I was feeling a pull back towards working for a charitable organisation and making a Read More

23rd November 2023

Working in partnership to monitor rare woodland species — Bechstein’s bat

Ben Atkinson, North Dorset Reserves Warden for Dorset Wildlife Trust, explains why Bracketts Coppice Nature Reserve is so special for Bechstein’s bats. Tucked away down the country lanes of northwest Dorset, the 46 hectares of Bracketts Coppice contains ancient woodland, streams, wood pasture and hay meadows. The reserve is a designated Special Area of Conservation Read More

26th October 2023

Monitoring the recovering pine marten population in Wales — Volunteer Blog

A day in the life of one of Vincent Wildlife Trust’s volunteer camera trappers, Matthew Davies, who first volunteered during the Pine Marten Recovery Project (PMRP) in Wales from the start. Now he is an experienced camera trapper for VWT and the Woodland Trust. Matthew is skilled and passionate about capturing evidence and records of Read More

10th October 2023

Counting bats helped with career change – Volunteer Blog

How volunteering helped Andrew Lewis move into a new job My name is Andrew, and I am a volunteer with Vincent Wildlife Trust. Some years ago, I completed a degree in Environmental Studies with the intention of changing career from engineering into the environmental and ecology sector. However, a large element of ‘career inertia’ led Read More

5th April 2023

And it’s ‘Goodbye’ from Lizzie Croose…

But we couldn’t let her go without one final blog…   What are your first memories of joining VWT? When I joined the Trust, VWT was embarking on a new project to search for evidence of any remaining pine marten populations in England and Wales. I cut my teeth looking for pine marten scats in Read More

28th February 2023

Mustelids and me: how a school project led to a life-long fascination – Staff Blog

Generally, I quietly work behind the administrative scenes and am known more for my style (as in writing guidelines) than my natural science. However, I was drawn to the work of Vincent Wildlife Trust because of my fondness – call it obsession – for all-things Mustelidae. In January 1977, a second-year (Yr 8) form teacher Read More

22nd September 2022

Volunteering and learning with VWT – Volunteer Blog

Having just completed a degree in environmental science, it was important for me to have the experience that would be essential in gaining a career in conservation. Now, I was not your usual early to mid-twenties student fresh out of school and full of ideas; I was approaching 50 and looking to begin a new Read More

30th May 2022

Getting to grips with greater horseshoe bat conservation: my work placement with Vincent Wildlife Trust

Despite being in my third year of my PhD studying bats, I had yet to see a bat up close in person. I study bat genetics and how they relate to white-nose disease tolerance, and the extent of my contact with bats had been extracting DNA from little scraps of bat skin from the lab Read More

13th May 2022

Counting bats in Kerry – VWT Ireland’s volunteer, Nora, keeps an eye on lesser horseshoe bats and their roosts

The Trust owns seven buildings in County Kerry that held just under 2,000 adult lesser horseshoe bats in 2021. We rely on two long-term volunteers, Nora Coffey and Maire O’Connell, to conduct emergence counts at six of these each summer, between the last week of May and the first week of July. Two of these, Read More

15th March 2022
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