Our Work | Specialist Advice

The main focus of our work currently centres on the lesser and greater horseshoe bats, the pine marten and the polecat. Over many years, we have developed a great deal of expertise and experience in dealing with the practical issues concerning these species, and we are happy to share that knowledge with conservationists, developers, planners and the public alike.

If you need to know more about these species, please refer in the first instance to the Publications, Free downloads and information on this website. Should your information needs not be covered by our published information, we can provide initial consultations depending on the enquiry.

Those enquiries that can be dealt with quickly over the phone or by email will be provided free of charge, but if more detailed information, data or a site visit is required, a fee will be required as a contribution towards our costs of dealing with this. We also undertake commissions and contracts for specific surveys, projects and reports. Costs upon application.

Geographically, our main focus of interest is in Wales, the west coast of Ireland, and the south-west of England. Details of the offices and staff based in these areas are on the Our Staff page. For all other enquiries relating to the rescue or finding of individual bats, please visit Bat Conservation Trust and for other mammal species visit The Mammal Society.


Species data

Do you need UK data for any of the following: lesser horseshoe bat, greater horseshoe bat, pine marten, polecat, water vole, mink and dormouse? Otter data collected by past VWT surveys is now provided via the National Biodiversity Network.

Initial search of our database starts from £75. More detailed searches and reports will incur increased costs.

Please note this may not cover all records for the UK. Please also refer to local biological data centres.