Os hoffech unrhyw wybodaeth ar y wefan hon yn y Gymraeg, cysylltwch â ni â'r manylion cyswllt a nodir.

Mammals in a Sustainable Environment (MISE) is a project funded by the European Regional Development Fund under the Ireland Wales Programme 2007-2013 (INTERREG IVA) that aims to foster involvement of communities in  Wales and Ireland in mammal conservation.


The project started in 2011 and is a partnership between The Vincent Wildlife Trust, Natural Resources Wales, Snowdonia National Park Authority, Waterford Institute of Technology, Waterford County Council and the National Biodiversity Data Centre.


The MISE project is developing non-invasive DNA-based techniques to monitor small and medium sized mammals in areas of west Wales and in and around Waterford in East Ireland. With the help of volunteers and local people, we are undertaking monitoring and conservation activities for species of conservation interest, including red squirrel, otter, pine marten, polecat, dormouse, harvest mouse and bats. Analysis of samples collected from field surveys allows the identification of potential threats to individual species which will be used to advise conservation work to safeguard the future of these mammals.

For more information on the project, please see the project website.

To find out about what happened during the first year of the project, read the project e-newsletter (in English or Welsh). 

Upcoming Events in 2014




May-October (monthly) Checking dormouse boxes

Cwm Clettwr, Ceredigion
October-December Harvest mice nest searches Carmarthenshire and Pembrokeshire

If you are interested in attending an event or getting involved in the project in any way, please contact project officer Aline Denton. 

For information on events in Ireland, please see the project website

The MISE project is funded by the European Regional Development Fund under the Ireland Wales Programme 2007-2013 (INTERREG IVA).