If you have seen a pine marten in England, Wales or the Scottish Borders, we would love to hear about it.

If the animal is dead, please try to collect it and/or take a photograph. Please email any photos to enquiries@vwt.org.uk.

Please use the form below, or call 01531 636441 to report your sighting.

Please fill in all fields. We may contact you to ask a few further questions, so please provide at least your name, a contact phone number and your email address in the boxes below.

We will not pass on any of your details to any third party.

Please be as specific as possible and include the nearest place name with a grid reference if known
Please give a description of the animal (e.g. size, appearance and behaviour) and why you believe it was a pine marten (e.g. previous experience, researched on the internet/in a book, seen in the media).