Who we are

One of the VWT's first bat reserves in North Wales

The Vincent Wildlife Trust is an independently funded charity that has been at the forefront of wildlife conservation for over 35 years. We are not campaigners or lobbyists; our specific niche is as an organisation that carries out pioneering research, undertakes surveys to assess how well our mammals are doing and offers expert advice to others through practical demonstration.

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What we do

img3 Our work has always focused on the needs of British and Irish mammals. Currently our research is centred on the pine marten, polecat, stoat and the bats.

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We also manage over 40 reserves, primarily for bats. Read more here.

Our Strategic Aims

  • To promote the conservation of rare mammals through a greater understanding of their ecology
  • To conserve mammals through the practical management of strategically important sites
  • To advise on the needs of mammals within habitats and landscapes, working with others
  • To undertake and publish innovative applied studies on endangered mammal species.

Reinforcing pine marten populations in Wales and England

If you have seen a polecat or polecat-ferret in Britain, please send us the record for our survey

Mammal conservation in west Wales and Ireland